Exceptional Online Community Building: Using Social Media to Build Long-Term Loyal Consumers

Building a successful online community requires a significant amount of time, dedication, and positive drive. The world of social media is so stimulated, that brands and individuals have to post substantial and entertaining content frequently.

A great example of this is GrumpsBOWtique — a small business making bowbands that is run by a single, female entrepreneur. All of her business and community development happens online, with the exception of spiradic pop-up events around her home state.

According to Grand View Market, The headband market alone is an ever-growing industry and highly saturated with a combination of large businesses that sell headbands and small businesses that specialize in them.

To stand out, Brianna with GrumpsBOWtique does a great job of effectively growing and maintaining community on her social media accounts in order to drive business. She uses her platforms to advertise her product, to build personal connections as the face of the brand, and also to gain feedback from her followers.

Her content successfully does the following to be an effective community leader:

Content Variety

She posts a variety of types of content, from Reels to single photo posts and carousels, as well as frequently Story posts. Her content also showcases a variety of visuals and purposes, from product shots, to videos and photos of herself, updates on her businesses, etc.


She engages her followers in conversation through call-to-actions like polls, conversational videos, and entertaining questions in her posts that encourage people to like and comment. Below are examples of Instagram Story posts she has done just in the past 12 hours.

Influencer Connection

She partners with other small businesses, brand reps, and other successful social media users in order to help grow the reach of her brand and further spark conversation and partnership.

Because of her diligence on building her online presence on social media, she has been able to grow her business to almost 7,000 followers in less than 2 years. She was so successful on her Etsy page, that she was able to build her own website and do all of her selling internally. Her brand is now in 9 international countries, and continues to grow rapidly. This would not have been possible if she hadn’t gone through the effort to develop herself as successful online community leader. Because of her success, her followers are engaged, loyal, and often repeat buyers many times over.

We can all take a thing or two from Brianna’s book!



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